Strangling Fetish

Here you can find a lot of strangling fetish!

Mistress Jenny is a gorgeous girl! She looks totally awesome in her dress! But she isn't there to let HIM have some fun while watching her... SHE wants some fun! And she has a lot of fun while squeezing out the life of her victim. He lies below her feet and has no chance to escape. She increases the pressure on his throat and shows him what a mighty girl she is...!

Maria is back and wants to show Steve one more time who is the best wrestling fighter out there! She uses her mighty arms and chokes him in a lot of different positions. She most likes to choke him with her arms from his rear and to apply the sleeper hold. Steve's face changes the color and it seems that he has no chance to breath. Will she finish him this time...?

Senna shows him that he has no chance! Her victim is brought to the ground and she sits already at his chest. And to control his breath she also has a rope applied! Now she can strangle him very easy. She likes to play with him and let him breath from time to time. What a lucky guy! But how long does she have fun playing with him...? He should really try not to bore her - or she will...

Santana is still very angry! She flattened this loser some time ago but it seems that he still hasn't enough... so there can be only one decision: She has to teach him a lesson again! As soon as the fight begins it seems that her victim tries to escape - what a loser! But she want let him go! She is back at his neck and won't go now! First she has to teach him a lesson he will never forget till the end of his life...!

This poor army girl! Sergeant Emily is a cruel sergeant and likes to smother her cadets! It is not clear how she achieved such a high rank with so much forbidden cruelness - but this question cannot help the poor cadet! She wanted to bring her the reports but sergeant Emily was so upset that she immediately brings her down to the ground and sits on her face with her beautiful ass and pussy. To further increase her pain and need of air she uses her hands to strangle her throat...!

... and learnt how to squeeze out every breath of a victim! She can torture guys without any mercy! She isn't bound to any borders - she has no limits! Only her cruel and sadistic wish to satisfy her needs. And what she most needs is a defenseless guy between her arms without any possibility to escape - or even breath! And as you can see this loser well fits these recommendations...!

This guy seems to be helpless below Saskia! She is very angry and wants to choke him. She uses her hands and her feet to do whatever is necessary. First he seems to resist a little bit but then he has to realize that there is no escape! At the end she also uses her legs and put them on his throat - now there is no way for him to take any more breaths...

This poor victim is completely outnumbered - Maria uses both of her mighty hands to squeeze out every tiny piece of breath out of his lungs. The helpless guy cannot do anything! The only thing he can do is to ask thyself the question: Is he still in hell... or heaven? While still thinking about the answer Maria continues to strangle him. With his eyes closed it seems that he has accepted his fate and let her do the job...!

Hitwoman Lili is out there! Everyone has heard about her but no one ever saw her... And if you do so - you won't live long enough to tell someone...! Senka is the poor girl who has the "luck" of meeting her! But Lili has only one thing in her mind: To eliminate Senka! With her black leather gloves she strangles her and squeezes every last piece of live out of her...!

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