Strangling Fetish

Here you can find a lot of strangling fetish!

Adriana found her boyfriend cuddling with another girl. She got angry and turned on him and tied him up before strangling him with her hands and feet

Jennifer wanted to prove to this loser that she could beat the crap out of him. And that he was at her mercy. She enjoyed strangling him with her feet

To punish her slave, Dixie made strangled her slave with his head in betwee her thighs. She even farted on him in the process

Kitty likes to punish slaves. Sometimes for nothing. She made this slave lie down and trampled his neck and face with her bare feet strangling him in the process

Pink has a strangling fetish. She enjoys it when she chokes someone and they have to beg her to let them go. It makes her feel powerful

Ariel has a dark side and she also loves to do really hard-core things to her slave. She is going to give very sadistic on a slave and let him know that she is boss by using her strong legs to choke him. She also is going to see if she can choke and to the point that he might even pass out. Her slave is really pathetic and she loves dominating him.

There is no way a slave is going to want to endure any of the wrath that this strong mistress is going to deliver. She is going to use her strong arms and she is going to put her slave Steve in a very strong chokehold that is going to totally make him see just how strong she truly is. He is totally in shock at how strong Amber is.

Mistress Katja is going to have some fun with her slave, she is going to sit on a weight bench, but she also is going to find out if the slave can handle the weight on his throat. She loves to sit on the weight bench and press on his throat to see just how much way he can handle. She loves to choke him and she was to tease him from the top.

One lady is going to grab another woman by the neck because their plan is to play with each other and do choking sessions. The blonde girl is going to find out what it is like to be strangled and experience smothering. The brunette girl is going to make sure that is control of at all times and she is going to make sure that there is no escaping of her strong arms and hands.

Mistress Kitty loves to be very demanding and she also is extremely dominating. She loves to choker slave, but this time she has special plans just for him. She is going to stand right over the top of her slave, because she plans on gagging him with her feet. She is going to make sure that he has a hard time breathing and that she is enjoying every bit of this action.

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