Strangling Fetish

Here you can find a lot of strangling fetish!

Lisa loves to control everything about her slave. She is determined to control the breath her slave takes. She is happy to start practicing by tying a rope around her slave's neck. She tightens her rope when she doesn't want him to take a breathe and when he has permission, she loosens the rope. She knows this is cruel but she doesn't care. She needs to control his every breath.

When Tomiko starts to learn about sleeper holds, she falls in love with them. She goes home and she practices them on her slave. She enjoys stripping down to her lingerie and pulling him onto the mat. She lays down and puts him in a couple sleeper holds. Then she sits up and then she puts him to sleep. She knows that she will leave him unconscious on the mat.

When Lady Svenja decides to punish her slave, she knows that she will be choking him. She sits on his chest with her legs open. When she has let him smell enough of her delicious pussy, she starts to choke him. She uses both of her hands to choke him. He is surprised that she has such strength in her hands. She knows that he will learn a lesson or like how she chokes him.

When Maria comes home, she has to practice all the things that she has learned. She knows that she will be able to do it with her slave without hurting him. She calls him into the room and she starts to strangle him with her hand. She then sits on him and strangles him. When she is ready to try the sleeper hold, she does it and she is successful.

When Lady Malu learns of a new punishment, she is eager to do it. She puts her slave on the floor and she straddles him. She starts to strangle him with her hands but stops when he doesn't change colors. She uses her leg then her feet to strangle him. When she stands on him, he starts to turn colors from lack of air. Just like the model in class.

When Steve goes to a new mistress, he didn't think she would be able to punish him. She is able to turn him on and choke him to sleep. He is in heaven. Steve purposely does something bad and his new mistress calls him to their wrestling mat. She pins his arms with her legs and she starts to put him in a sleeper hold. She loves choking him and it turns him on.

When Steve challenged her to a wrestling match, he thought she would be easy to beat. Gia Primo taught him a lesson about assumptions. As soon as he was distracted by her bikini, she got him pinned on the floor. She was happy to start choking him. She used her strong arms to put him in different choke hold positions. She choked him until he tapped out and gave up.

When Vanessa decides to play, she grabs her rope. She knows that she will be able to pin him on the floor and straddle his chest. She wraps the rope around his neck and is happy to strangle him. She knows that he doesn't like it but she doesn't care. She wants to see his fear and she will keep pulling the rope tighter until she gets what she wants.

When Goddess Mercedes decides to play with her slave, she does it in erotically painful ways. She loves playing in her string bikini. She orders her slave to the wrestling mat then she lays on him. When he is pinned, she put her leg across her neck and she presses down. She is happy to press all her weight into his neck, making it hard for him to breathe properly.

When Ave Maria decides to play, she is very brutal. She knows that she will have to surprise her slave because he doesn't like to play with her. She sneaks behind him on the wrestling mat and she locks her legs around his waist. She locks his neck in a choke hold and is happy to let him have it. She puts him in a choke hold and she doesn't let go until she puts him to sleep.

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