Strangling Fetish

Here you can find a lot of strangling fetish!

When Steve challenged her to a wrestling match, he thought she would be easy to beat. Gia Primo taught him a lesson about assumptions. As soon as he was distracted by her bikini, she got him pinned on the floor. She was happy to start choking him. She used her strong arms to put him in different choke hold positions. She choked him until he tapped out and gave up.

When Vanessa decides to play, she grabs her rope. She knows that she will be able to pin him on the floor and straddle his chest. She wraps the rope around his neck and is happy to strangle him. She knows that he doesn't like it but she doesn't care. She wants to see his fear and she will keep pulling the rope tighter until she gets what she wants.

When Goddess Mercedes decides to play with her slave, she does it in erotically painful ways. She loves playing in her string bikini. She orders her slave to the wrestling mat then she lays on him. When he is pinned, she put her leg across her neck and she presses down. She is happy to press all her weight into his neck, making it hard for him to breathe properly.

When Ave Maria decides to play, she is very brutal. She knows that she will have to surprise her slave because he doesn't like to play with her. She sneaks behind him on the wrestling mat and she locks her legs around his waist. She locks his neck in a choke hold and is happy to let him have it. She puts him in a choke hold and she doesn't let go until she puts him to sleep.

Michelle K knows that she is strong. Her slave finds out that she is really strong when she knocks him to the floor and sits on his chest. She puts her slender fingers around his neck and starts to choke him. She loves strangling him and making him gasp for breath. She wants to see him turn red then purple before she lets him go. Then she will do it all over again.

When Goddess Mercedes puts on her bikini, she is ready for a hot and sweaty work out. She knows that she wants to lay on her slave and turn him on before she goes to fuck her lover. She pins her slave on the mat, using her leg to press against his neck. She loves feeling his body struggle as she pins him. She knows that he can't move so she lays on him, teasing him.

When Mistress Maeva walks into the room, she decides to brutalize her slave. She enjoys it. She starts by putting her leg against his throat and pulling his hair. She walks on him to get into a different choking position. She is happy to knock him onto the floor. She stands and chokes him. She stands on him, bouncing on his chest. She ends her brutality by locking her legs around his head and neck.

When Mariola gets tired of her slave's constant whining, she shuts him up. She knocks him to the floor and sits on his neck. When she sits on his neck, she tells him what a whining bitch he is. She covers his face with little slaps to make him understand her. She lets him sit up. She puts her feet against his neck, strangling him. She loves watching him panic.

When she catches her slave doing something against the rules, she is happy to punish him. She gets behind her slave and wraps her legs around him. She knows that he is nervous when she puts her arms around his neck. She is happy to look at him and tighten her arms. As she is strangling him, she is telling him how much of a disappointment he is. She loves scaring and punishing him.

When Nikki Fierce gets slaves, she is happy to treat them well. She is normally very gentle and sweet. Then she gets her slaves on the wrestling mat. When she gets on the mat, she is happy to put her slave in different sleeper holds. She knows that he can't break them so she does different holds. She loves putting her slaves to sleep when she is finished her choke holds.

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