Strangling Fetish

Here you can find a lot of strangling fetish!

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Lady Suzanne is a stunning brunette mistress wearing a pair of black leather gloves over her sexy stunning hands as she stands nice and close to the camera so you can see her flawless neck. Then she takes her black gloved hands and rubs them over her neck and teases you with her fingers lightly touching her neck and her throat as she caresses every inch of her soft neck skin.

Mistress Breanna is a stunning brunette mistress wearing a pink skirt with a white tank top and a black pair of boots as she stands behind her loser slave kneeling in front of her. She has a blue rope in her hands and it is nice and thin so it will hurt her slaves skin as she wraps it around his neck. She is wearing gloves over her hands as she pulls the rope tight and puts her foot on his back to make sure that the rope is super tight around his neck.

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