Strangling Fetish

Here you can find a lot of strangling fetish!

When Mistress Maeva walks into the room, she decides to brutalize her slave. She enjoys it. She starts by putting her leg against his throat and pulling his hair. She walks on him to get into a different choking position. She is happy to knock him onto the floor. She stands and chokes him. She stands on him, bouncing on his chest. She ends her brutality by locking her legs around his head and neck.

When Mariola gets tired of her slave's constant whining, she shuts him up. She knocks him to the floor and sits on his neck. When she sits on his neck, she tells him what a whining bitch he is. She covers his face with little slaps to make him understand her. She lets him sit up. She puts her feet against his neck, strangling him. She loves watching him panic.

When she catches her slave doing something against the rules, she is happy to punish him. She gets behind her slave and wraps her legs around him. She knows that he is nervous when she puts her arms around his neck. She is happy to look at him and tighten her arms. As she is strangling him, she is telling him how much of a disappointment he is. She loves scaring and punishing him.

When Nikki Fierce gets slaves, she is happy to treat them well. She is normally very gentle and sweet. Then she gets her slaves on the wrestling mat. When she gets on the mat, she is happy to put her slave in different sleeper holds. She knows that he can't break them so she does different holds. She loves putting her slaves to sleep when she is finished her choke holds.

Robin and Steve wanted to spend a nice day. At least this was what Steve thought! But Robin seems to have something else in common... She wants to use him for your fun only! He applies some really bad sleeper hold techniques at him and Steve barely can breathe. Then she position him wherever she wants and further increase his punishment. Steve's head more and more changes his color. It doesn't look very well for Steve...!

The slave isn't sure why he deserves such a bad treatment! But he cannot think about the reasons - he has to try to survive instead! Kathrine is a very dominant and powerful mistress and she doesn't take long to squeeze every bit of breath out of his lungs. She puts his head between her legs and she also use her arms and hands to stop him breathing! Will she stop before it is too late...?

Layla and Jane are really upset and want to show him that he is the reason! The slave lies on the ground and the use a rope to strangle him a little bit. But they won't make it that easy! They also use a whip to hit him from time to time. And some trampling is also included! But later on the two girls get bored because of him - and so they take a cushion, put it on his face and bring it to an end...!

Steve really thought that he has a chance against Nikki Fierce - but he was horrible wrong! Soon after the fight started she brought him down on the mat and applied one of her deadly arm chokes! While she is choking him very bad Steve tries everything to loosen her choke - but he has no chance! And Nikki Fierce won't show any mercy... so he better tries to find out a better technique or it will become black very soon...!

Mistress Maeva wants to go out and have a nice day. The weather is warm and friendly, the sun is shining. But the mistress itself isn't so friendly... she is very angry! And she wants to hurt the stupid slave! So she orders him to lay down on the ground so she can step on his body. Then she uses her feet to smother him in different kind of ways. She puts one of her feet into his mouth so he cannot breathe anymore. She also places her feet on his neck and strangles him...!

Jennifer can't understand this loser. Maybe because she is a little bit crazy...? This guy wanted to fight her although it was clear from the beginning that he has no chance to beat her! And now he whines and try to escape - but not so fast! Now she wants to enjoy every second until she releases him again... IF she will ever release him... Her naked rear choke hold seems to speak its own language...!

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