Strangling Fetish

Here you can find a lot of strangling fetish!

All articles tagged with "Powerful"

When Lady Katherin bought a slave for her office, she told him to dress in business attire. He didn't and she immediately punishes him. She orders him to the floor and she sits on the couch, extending her leg out to press his throat. She then stood and pressed her foot into his neck. When he started to resist, she was happy to straddle his chest and use her hands.

The slave isn't sure why he deserves such a bad treatment! But he cannot think about the reasons - he has to try to survive instead! Kathrine is a very dominant and powerful mistress and she doesn't take long to squeeze every bit of breath out of his lungs. She puts his head between her legs and she also use her arms and hands to stop him breathing! Will she stop before it is too late...?

Mistress Jenny is a gorgeous girl! She looks totally awesome in her dress! But she isn't there to let HIM have some fun while watching her... SHE wants some fun! And she has a lot of fun while squeezing out the life of her victim. He lies below her feet and has no chance to escape. She increases the pressure on his throat and shows him what a mighty girl she is...!

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