Strangling Fetish

Here you can find a lot of strangling fetish!

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Mistress Angel and her boyfriend love to have extreme sex. They are into choking and today they wanted to make it a little more extreme than usual. So she facesat on him and as they were having foreplay, she sat on his face for longer than usual and she used her knee to crush his neck. He was nearly passing out before she let him breathe and she did it again.

Mistress Sibilla was tired of repeating instructions to her slave all the time. She felt he was not serious and she wanted him to change. She made him by strangling him by trampling his neck using her bare feet. She crushed it as hard as she could and nearly broke his neck. As he choked, she let him go and she did not have ti repeat herself again. He understood her.

This poor army girl! Sergeant Emily is a cruel sergeant and likes to smother her cadets! It is not clear how she achieved such a high rank with so much forbidden cruelness - but this question cannot help the poor cadet! She wanted to bring her the reports but sergeant Emily was so upset that she immediately brings her down to the ground and sits on her face with her beautiful ass and pussy. To further increase her pain and need of air she uses her hands to strangle her throat...!

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