Strangling Fetish

Here you can find a lot of strangling fetish!

All articles tagged with "Submissive"

This poor bastard is really in trouble. He should know better than to disobey his strong mistress. He thinks he's got some good wresting moves but he'll soon learn who's in charge. Watch as he's put in a perfect sleeper hold. He can squirm but there's nothing he can do. Watch him change colors as the life is slowly sucked out of his body. He'll learn his lesson that's for sure.

Mistress Katja wants to show her friend Emily how fun humiliating and strangling a slave is. They decide to go easy at first with a hand choke, but that's not enough. They move onto a rope to ramp up the danger. That's just part of the fun. Emily will quickly learn that there's nothing like a knee to a scared slaves neck. She loves every second of his pain.

Lady Stella loves toying with a her dumb slave. She'll sit right on his chest while he lays there's motionless doing whatever she wants. She'll humiliate it him verbally while having her real fun. She'll play with him choking his neck with one arm first just to see how submissive he really is. She has fun making sure he's completely submissive and loves going in with both hands to see how much he'll take.

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