Strangling Fetish

Here you can find a lot of strangling fetish!

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Lisa loves to control everything about her slave. She is determined to control the breath her slave takes. She is happy to start practicing by tying a rope around her slave's neck. She tightens her rope when she doesn't want him to take a breathe and when he has permission, she loosens the rope. She knows this is cruel but she doesn't care. She needs to control his every breath.

When Vanessa decides to play, she grabs her rope. She knows that she will be able to pin him on the floor and straddle his chest. She wraps the rope around his neck and is happy to strangle him. She knows that he doesn't like it but she doesn't care. She wants to see his fear and she will keep pulling the rope tighter until she gets what she wants.

Layla and Jane are really upset and want to show him that he is the reason! The slave lies on the ground and the use a rope to strangle him a little bit. But they won't make it that easy! They also use a whip to hit him from time to time. And some trampling is also included! But later on the two girls get bored because of him - and so they take a cushion, put it on his face and bring it to an end...!

Senna shows him that he has no chance! Her victim is brought to the ground and she sits already at his chest. And to control his breath she also has a rope applied! Now she can strangle him very easy. She likes to play with him and let him breath from time to time. What a lucky guy! But how long does she have fun playing with him...? He should really try not to bore her - or she will...

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